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Latin American SFOs And MFOs Sending More And More Money Abroad

Javier Vergara, MBA, director of Business Development at Castle Lanterra, a leading New York-based national real estate investment firm, recently returned from a meeting with more than 450 family offices and C-Level executives at the Family Office and Investors Summit in Lima, Peru. Some of his takeaways from the two-day event include: Single Family Offices… Read more »

Castle Lanterra: Castle Views Episode 2

2022 was an exceptional year for Castle Lanterra with transaction volume totaling over half a billion dollars. CL set the path to the future success of the firm through the creation of new divisions focusing on opportunities with high growth potential. CL also formed a dedicated in-house property management division, Pontis Property Management, which will... Read more »

Castle Lanterra: Castle Views Episode 1

Building on a highly successful 2021 that saw more than $750 million in transactions, Elie Rieder's Castle Lanterra is well positioned for future, explosive growth, closing Q1 2022 with more than $320 million in deals and well on pace to our goal of doubling last year’s totals. For more information, For additional information on CL... Read more »

Despite Challenges, Multifamily Investment Will Remain Strong

The past few months have been extremely challenging, not only for the multifamily sector, but for the country as a whole. However, despite the economic difficulties, multifamily real estate opportunities are still considered one of the most recession-proof of the major property types, including office, retail and industrial. Like the other asset classes, multifamily real… Read more »